Hullmark Developments Ltd.

621 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 2B7
t: 416.510.1700
f: 416.510.1701

Design as an investment and a tool.
We see great design as a tool to positively impact the places we invest in. We are driven to do things differently and to make things better. Our approach to design is to always be thoughtful, aspirational and bold, doing what’s needed to elevate our buildings, streets and neighbourhoods. We aim to raise the bar and define a new standard for design and development in Toronto.

Investing in opportunities through a place-based focus.
We are helping usher in a new way of working and living in downtown Toronto. The changing ideals of future generations require a different approach to developing and investing in properties, and as city builders, we play a key role in this paradigm shift. We look for opportunities in new and thriving areas of downtown Toronto, across all asset types — office, retail, residential and mixed-use. Through a geographical focus, investing in places we know and love, we have a closer feel for things that are evolving and how what we build can fit the changing needs of the area.

Here for the long haul.
We approach city building with a strong commitment to the lasting livelihood and prosperity of our communities. Our long-term strategy looks past fads and the quick buck. We are here to invest in the future of Toronto and its citizens. Though our rich legacy grounds us, the future inspires us. We operate like a start-up, chasing down opportunities, acting as thoughtful investors and stewards of our city.