Project: 100 Broadview
Neighbourhood: Riverside






What's Your Name And Title?
Neil Follett, President

How Long Have You Been At Your Current Location?
We moved the office here about 5 years ago, but I’ve lived in Leslieville for close to 15 years.  

How Has The Neighborhood Changed Around You In The Time? What are you most excited about?
There has been, and continues to be, so much change.  Condos are going up, the Broadview Hotel has gone through a major transformation (to say the least), and new restaurants and retail are opening all the time.  I am excited about all the new condo developments in the area being completed, it will be nice to have a little less construction and a few more shops!  I am also looking forward to hitting Lob… it is right under the office!

What's The Best Time To Visit Your Neighborhood?
Weekends are great – you can actually find parking!  Evenings in the east are also starting to get busy, Gerrard and Jones has been written up a number of times as a “hot new hood”, and the bar and restaurant options are really coming along!

Go-to Food Spot?
So many!  Ascari Enoteca, Gio Ranna’s, Ceili Cottage, Pinkerton’s, Dineen, The Maple Leaf Tavern, Civic… I could go on!  You won’t go hungry on this side of the river!

3 best things about working in your neighbourhood?
Starting the day with a coffee at the Broadview, being able to get downtown for a meeting in 10 minutes, hitting up Good Neighbour for a little shopping after work.

Any other tips/tricks?
Walk Queen from Broadview to Jones on a Saturday afternoon, there is a little something for everyone.