Charming Media

Project: Radiator
Neighbourhood: Parkdale






What's Your Name And Position At The Company?
Valerie Stachursky. I am the founder of of Charming Media, a Toronto-based PR agency that focus on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle clientele


How Long Have You Been At Your Current Location?
We have been in this location for 3years. We started in a smaller unit and as my business grow, we moved into a larger, bright, and gorgeous suite within the same complex. We stayed because we love the location and the community. 


How Has The Neighborhood Changed Around You In The Time?
We are really excited to see more independent shops opening up that offer more food options than your standard Subway or McDonald's. It's nice to be able to support local businesses. 

What's The Best Time To Visit Your Neighborhood?
Summer is amazing. Toronto's oldest bar, The Rhino is right around the corner and it has an amazing patio for people watching. There are also many people out and about during the summer. It's a great vibe. 


Go-to Food Spot?
The West End Co-Op or Revitasize. Can't wait to see what else will be opening!


What Are The Best Things About Working In Your Neighborhood?
1) We work with a few local clients such as 6ix Cycle, The Great Hall, and Camby's Bespoke Jewellers (Liberty Village). It's great to be in walking distance to our clients. 

2) The Queen West community is lively, artistic, and creative. The neighbourhood's atmostphoere really fits the personality of our brand and we feel very at home. 

3) The range of services available and cool places to go. Metro is super close, as are iconic spots like The Drake. I get my haircut at Fringe. It's really easy to have everything all in one place. 


Any other tips/tricks?

West-End Co-Op is an awesome place to pick up farm fresh groceries and a range of healthy food items. I stop there almost every day on my way home. Also, the Starbucks at Metro on Queen Street is usually less busy than the one on King Street.