Annie Aime

Project: 38-42 Ossington
Neighbourhood: Ossington






What's Your Name And Title?
Annie Mesenge. I am the owner of the boutique.


How Long Have You Been At Your Current Location?
A little more than 5 years.


How Has The Neighborhood Changed Around You In The Time?
A lot because we were originally the only boutique on this strip. I used to be in Yorkville and moving to Ossington provided me with something fresh, new, and personal – more of who I am.

I am excited about all the changes. I like the vibe of Ossington, the people here make me comfortable.

What's The Best Time To Visit Your Neighborhood?
Our experience here – the people who want our attention – they will come during the week.

People on the weekend are the one who want to explore and they hop from shop to shop.

Go-to Food Spot?
Union. Soos, a family owned Malaysian restaurant.


3 Best Things About Working In Your Neighborhood?
1. The variety of people passing by.

2. I love having close contact with street and the big window - I get to see what is happening because it is so lovely.

3. I love all the restaurants and the ambience. I like the additions of the few new stores. 


Any other tips/tricks?

Always keep your eyes open.

I have always liked the fact we incorporate street art and performance art in the ambiance of the street. I feel like this is the must. It was what attracted me to come to Ossington.