What's Your Name And Position At The Company?
Rocco Agostino - Executive Chef & Partner of Pizzeria Libretto


How Long Have You Been At Your Current Location?
We have been in 545 King West for just over 3 years now!


How Has The Neighborhood Changed Around You In The Time?
The neighborhood has changed quite a bit overall in the last 5 years. More restaurants, more daytime activity.

What's The Best Time To Visit Your Neighborhood?
I would say that the King West neighborhood is great to visit day or night, as both times of the day offer very different activities and vibe. Daytime is filled with pedestrians, delicious cafes and patio hot spots, and the evening is filled with nightlife and party goers. Just be sure to avoid the area during rush hour...unless you don't mind being stuck in traffic!


Go-to Food Spot?
Pizzeria Libretto of course!


What Are The Best Things About Working In Your Neighborhood?
1) Everything is around us - Shoppers, Loblaws, banks, LCBO, theaters, etc

2) Very accessible by TTC

3) There's a Pizzeria Libretto nearby!


Any other tips/tricks?

1) King Street West has very limited or expensive parking so it's best accessed by TTC or bicycle. 

2) If you're looking to get seat on a patio on a hot summers day in King West - get there right at noon!