New York based startup, WeWork occupies a stately red brick building on Richmond and Duncan. 

WeWork's Toronto location aim to disrupt the traditional office environment by providing a 6 floors of gorgeous shared work space, community, and services for freelancers, entrepreneurs, start ups, and small businesses. 


What's Your Name And Position At The Company?
Jarred Paperman - Community Director, Toronto


How Long Have You Been At Your Current Location?
We just opened our doors to our members in August!


How Has The Neighborhood Changed Around You In The Time?
It's exciting to see all our members fill the neighborhood shops and restaurants throughout the week.


What's The Best Time To Visit Your Neighborhood?
It's always a great time to visit WeWork!


Go-to Food Spot?
Mi Taco on  Queen is always a good choice.


What Are The Best Things About Working In Your Neighborhood?
There are amazing restaurants to go after work with the team that are all walking distance.